Pavlok Shock Clock Band

Not being able to wake up in the morning is a chronic problem for some people. For these folks, they have probably tried gazillion ways to make them part with their cosy bed, which ranges from threatening to shreds your 100 dollar bills to shooting a target cube with Nerf gun to the crowd favorite, defusing a ’bomb’ trick. If all else fails, you could always D.I.Y. an alarm clock to slap you awake, or you could simply strap on the Pavlok Shock Clock Band on your wrist that will literally shock you into waking up. Sounds like a terrible idea, isn’t it?

But hey, you know what they say, extreme situation calls for extreme measures, and the Pavlok Shock Clock Band is the measure. Ok, it is not as horrifying as it sounds. It does not have Taser’s 50,000 volts to spare. In fact, it is nowhere near dangerous and most importantly, it is CE/FCC certified, and thus deemed to be safe while not sacrificing the effectiveness to shock you into waking up. According to Pavlok, the zap feels something like a static shock a person gets when they touch a metal object after rubbing his feet on the carpet, so I guess it still hurts.

The device works much like the company’s first product, the Pavlok Shocking Wristband, which leverages on the pain an electric zap inflicts on a person to help the person to kick bad habits or getting into shape. But it won’t shock you right away when the alarm goes off. That will be a nasty shock. Instead, it will vibrate gently to wake you and if doesn’t work, it rings loudly, and if you do sleep like the dead and ignore the previous physical and audible alarms, then Pavlok Shock Clock Band will send a jolt to make sure it gets your attention.

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Snoozing is still available though, which can be activated using a new companion app called The Shock Clock, or a short press on the lightning bolt logo on the band. And if you are worry about snoozing will mess up your wake up time, you can choose to set zaps to be sent whenever you hit snooze. Ouch. Furthermore, motion sensors on the wristband will detect if you have already woken and out of the bed, so you can’t cheat the system and with the app, you can let your friends know if you don’t wake up and optionally, let them have the power to zap awake. Now you see the importance of having reliable friends? If you don’t, they will just monkey around and zap you at 2am. Trust, my friend, is crucial if you want to put Zeus’s power in your friends’ hands.

Last but not least, the app also monitors your sleep cycle, but that really is just an extra, because all you wanted is to get out of the bed at a desired time and not sleep in, wasting the day, right? Pavlok has taken the Shock Clock Band to Indiegogo where you can pick one up as pre-order for just 99 bucks. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in September 2016, but if you can’t hardly wait, you can choose to drop $129 to get it in May 2016.

Indiegogo via Engadget