wake up or else this alarm clock will shred your 100 dollar bills

Money Shredding Alarm Clock 544x400px
(credit: via Acid Cow)

what does it take to wake you up? a couple of 100 dollar bills, perhaps? at least this is what the featured alarm clock here appears to propose. though there’s virtually no real information on this but it is easy to see what this alarm clock will do to your 100 dollar bills if you don’t wake up when the alarm goes off. still don’t get it? well, it simply shred the bills that you have placed there if you fail to wake up to stop it from doing so. so who designed this? i have absolutely no idea but it is safe to assume this gadget doesn’t exist. nevertheless, it definitely have my nod of approval – for novelty sake. though, it is worthy to note that in some countries, intentionally destroying bank notes is still a crime. fortunately, i do not have to resort to novelty alarm as such to wake up.
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Money Shredding Alarm Clock 544x428px

via Geeky Gadgets / Acid Cow

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