normally we won’t to product color variation post as sometimes we do get quite bit of stuff on our hands, but not this time. not for the Balls of Steel AfterDark Edition Whiskey Drink Cooler. why? because it is for same good cause (for testicular cancer research, if don’t already know) and we think all men should totally support it, even though you might not be a whiskey (or wine) connoisseur. the Balls of Steel AfterDark Edition has been completely reengineered, giving it the same cool performance (both literally and not) the original has, but in an aesthetically different way. the Balls of Steel is given a unique anodization process which sets an Onyx color deep into the stainless steel for that extra special, well, after-dark look.

we know what you are thinking: “isn’t anodization not safe for ingestion?” well, the maker of the Balls of Steel has poured months worth of time to research and develop a process that allows for this anodization to happen while remaining 100 percent toxic-free so they are totally safe to be dunked into your choice of adult beverages. the temperature rating as promised with the original Balls is left unchanged too. the result? cooling balls that looks even cooler now. don’t believe? check out a handful of high-resolution images below and see it for yourself. oh and one more thing, the price also remains unchanged at $24.99 for a set of two. we will drink to that.

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