Final Fantasy VII Remake Silicone Ice Buster Sword. Seriously, Do We Need To Say More?

If Final Fantasy, specifically the Final Fantasy VII, aka FF that isn’t convoluted, has a special place in your heart, then the Final Fantasy VII Remake Silicone Ice Tray should be right up your alley. Never mind if you never have a use for ice, but seriously, who can ignore a translucent, miniature buster sword? …

Not Everyone Will Be Amused By The Coronavirus Ice Cube Mold Tray

Not going to lie. I was genuinely surprised to see this on It’s an ice cube tray. Well, not exactly “cube” per se because, the mold is spherical with spikes resembling the nefarious virus mankind is battling now. Not exactly the most pleasant thing to have. But hey, while we are keep ourselves safe, …

You Can Create Crystal Clear Ice Balls with This Dual-Chambered Ice Tray

Looking to dazzle your guests during your at-home cocktail party? If so, you probably can start with the ice in their drinks. Instead of the usual cubes or rocks, you can create some super cool crystal clear ice balls with the Polar Ice Tray from an outfit called U-Cube Designs. The product doesn’t quite say …

Balls of Steel AfterDark Edition Whiskey Drink Cooler

normally we won’t to product color variation post as sometimes we do get quite bit of stuff on our hands, but not for the Balls of Steel AfterDark Edition Whiskey Drink Cooler. why? because it is for same good cause (for testicular cancer research, if don’t already know) and we think all men should totally support it, even though you might not be a whiskey (or wine) connoisseur.

The Neat Ice Kit by Studio Neat

at the verge of giving up on home-concocted cocktails because they taste nothing like what your favorite bar serves up? well, don’t, at least not until you have given The Neat Ice Kit by Studio Neat a shot. seriously, ice? yes. very seriously. believe it or not, ice can sometimes make or break your concoction, and this kit is the the kit that will let create the right ice you need for your cocktails

Pucs Stainless Steel Ice

when we think of cold drinks, two things come to mind: fridge and ice. out of the fridge, a drink turns non-chill quickly and as for ice, though they are excellent cooler, they will inherently dilute the taste of your favorite drink, and that’s not to mention it will add unnecessary chemicals found in tap water as they melts. this is where purist drinkers