when we think of cold drinks, two things come to mind: fridge and ice. out of the fridge, a drink turns non-chill quickly and as for ice, though they are excellent cooler, they will inherently dilute the taste of your favorite drink, and that’s not to mention it will add unnecessary chemicals found in tap water as they melts. this is where purist drinkers will appreciate the Pucs stainless steel ice. these marshmallow shaped stainless steel are machined from solid 304 stainless steel and will allow you to make ‘controlled chill’ for your favorite drinks. all you have to do is ‘charge’ up the Pucs in the freezer and when they are all nice and cold, just drop one, two or three pucs, depending on the chillness you prefer, into your favorite drink and you are all set to enjoy a chilled drink. is it that simple. in a nutshell, the Pucs is really ice in stainless steel form that are totally reusable, saves you some water (albeit by small amount at a time), and unlike real ice, it won’t be accompanied by smells or flavors of your freezer. so with the Pucs, you can finally add ice to your wine and beer which are otherwise considered ‘taboo’ to do so. last but not least, Pucs could also be used to chill out your piping hot coffee without changing its taste, making it easier to drink without scorching your tongue. the Pucs Stainless Steel Ice comes in a set of six with a choice of solid walnut or maple, and can be yours for $35 per set.

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