Balls of Steel AfterDark Edition Whiskey Drink Cooler

normally we won’t to product color variation post as sometimes we do get quite bit of stuff on our hands, but not for the Balls of Steel AfterDark Edition Whiskey Drink Cooler. why? because it is for same good cause (for testicular cancer research, if don’t already know) and we think all men should totally support it, even though you might not be a whiskey (or wine) connoisseur.

Balls of Steel Whiskey Drink Cooler

ice is what we classify as one of the world’s greatest discovery. why? because some drinks just taste better when chilled, like for example, whiskey. creating ice is as easy as pie: just pour some water into the ice tray, leave it in the freezer, and wait for those cool little cubes to take form.

Pucs Stainless Steel Ice

when we think of cold drinks, two things come to mind: fridge and ice. out of the fridge, a drink turns non-chill quickly and as for ice, though they are excellent cooler, they will inherently dilute the taste of your favorite drink, and that’s not to mention it will add unnecessary chemicals found in tap water as they melts. this is where purist drinkers