ice is what we classify as one of the world’s greatest discovery. why? because some drinks just taste better when chilled, like for example, whiskey. creating ice is as easy as pie: just pour some water into the ice tray, leave it in the freezer, and wait for those cool little cubes to take form. when ready, just dunk them into your whiskey and you got yourself a whiskey on the rocks. sounds pretty simple enough, isn’t it? well, it is – but there’s just one little problem that may leave a bad taste in connoisseurs’ mouth: ice cubes cools, but it also dilute your drink which is not something connoisseurs would fancy. in comes the Balls of Steel Whiskey Drink Cooler, a pair of medical-grade stainless steel balls that offers the perfect alternative to traditional ice, offering instant temperature drop in your adult beverage without watering down the flavor.

also, being of stainless steel, it is totally non-porous (unlike stones) which means these balls will not take away the awesome taste from your favorite pour. most importantly, these are balls with a cause. its maker, Original BOS is putting 15 percent of each sale directly to testicular cancer research, which sounds all the more awesome to us. so, whiskey on the balls, anyone? for just $24.99, the Balls of Steel Whiskey Drink Cooler comes with a pair of stainless steel balls, tongs, travel bag and a “I’ve got Balls of Steel” wrist band for you to display your allegiance with the Balls.

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