to describe minimalist wallet as a dime a dozen seems like an understatement. on this site alone, we have seen dozens of them, so we are careful not to post lame examples. the Snapback Slim Wallet is one of minimal example that we actually taken fancy with (and for the record, we receive no favor or whatsoever from Nick). at a glance, it looks just like any any one slot contraption with occasional elastic band for host of other items, but the Snapback actually has a slight twist to it: the multicolored elastic band you see there not only holds your ‘other items’ such as cash, receipts or whatever, securely, it also doubles as a handy loop which you can worn on your wrist or perhaps, attached to a carabiner. obviously, you can only go with one function at a time, but we are fine by that.

the loop feature will comes in pretty handy in an often overlooked situation: what if you have no pockets for the wallet? with any typical wallet, minimalist or not, you will have hold in your hand, but for the Snapback Slim Wallet, all you need to do is wear it on your wrist. that, plus the assurance that your cards (up to 10 can be contained within) will be held securely within the lone compartment ensures that you won’t be forgetting your wallet in the time when your hands are tied and you have no pockets. it may sounds farfetched, or crazy even, but the no pockets scenario does happen and sometimes made worst by a big, fat wallet with all but a few things you need. the Snapback Slim Wallet can be yours for $17 and up – available through its Kickstarter campaign. take a look at the pitch video after the break.

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