These Beautiful Salmon Leather Wallets Are Made from Byproducts from Sustainable Fisheries in Alaska

I am sure we are all familiar with leather goods made from cowhide-based leather, but do you know there are also fish-based leather too? They have been around for a while, but now an Alaskan startup wants to bring it to the mainstream by turning fish leather, or Salmon leather to be precise, into wallets. […]

Bronxton Handcrafted Minimalist Wallets, Because Minimalist Wallet is Never One-size-fits All

Money and the thing that keeps it, i.e. the wallet, are something we can never get enough. Perhaps real-life Scrooge McDuckians like Warren Buffett, Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch may disagree, but that’s their problem. For you and I, the dough we see at the end of the month are hard-earned and deserves a nice, […]

Looking for a Classy Minimal Wallet? This Handcrafted Leather Wallet Might Just Fit the Bill

The minimalist wallet market is at the tipping point of being saturated. There are so many options out there and more coming on to the market as we speak. It is indeed a burgeoning segment, but from what we see, the current offerings are more geared towards the casuals, which means they are not quite […]

Asset Minimalist Wallet Blocks RFID, Packs Not One But Two NFC Chips

we understand why there is a need for wallet to have RFID, but we are not entirely sure why there is a need for wallet to be NFC-enabled. then again, if it can, why not? such is what this beautiful minimalist wallet, dubbed Asset, is touting. not only does it keeps sophisticated, high-tech criminals from […]

Sapling Aluminum Series Minimalist Wallet Defies The Convention and Blocks RFID Too

when it comes to wallet, we often think leather, ballistic nylon or canvas as the material choice, but for those who chose to defy convention, the Sapling Aluminum Series Minimalist Wallet might just be right up your alley. machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum, glass bead blasted and anodized to enhanced look and […]

Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products

the Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products bear no relation to the alien-saint Yoda in Star Wars and the folks who started this line of awesome products certainly don’t speak like that little green sage (hear for yourself in pledge video below). anyway, if your idea of awesome accessories is carbon fiber

Snapback Slim Wallet

to describe minimalist wallet as a dime a dozen seems like an understatement. on this site alone, we have seen dozens of them, so we are careful not to post lame examples. the Snapback Slim Wallet is one of minimal example that we actually taken fancy with. at a glance, it looks just like any any one slot contraption with occasional elastic band for host of other items

Bark Minimalist Cork Wallet & iPhone Accessories

looking to get rid of the bump on the back pocket of your jeans? then cut the regular wallet and go for this super sleek and minimalist Bark Minimalist Cork Wallet. we have seen our fair share of minimal wallets, but the Bark Minimalist Cork Wallet stands out as being crafted from cork fabric

OneKlip Multifunction Bottle Opener

you can grab a plain bottle opener and be done with it, but why do that when there is one that can do a whole lot of other things apart from popping open bottles? bottles, meet your new best friend, OneKlip Multifunction Bottle Opener. so what does OneKlip do you asked? a lot of things, but lets begin with its construction: a minimal stainless steel