Bronxton Handcrafted Minimalist Leather Wallets

Money and the thing that keeps it, i.e. the wallet, are something we can never get enough. Perhaps real-life Scrooge McDuckians like Warren Buffett, Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch may disagree, but that’s their problem. For you and I, the dough we see at the end of the month are hard-earned and deserves a nice, cosy place to reside in before we spend it all. Having said that, Bronxton Vault, the folks who brought the sexy roll-up case and classy minimalist wallets, is back with not one, not two, but three level of minimalist wallets with varying level of minimalism to keep those blood-and-sweat money of yours and of course, whatever cards you may have. Needless to say, being minimalist, the trio aims to remove the bulge on your butt too.

Bronxton Handcrafted Minimalist Leather Wallets - The Trifold
Not your grandpa’s trifold

So what makes Bronxton Vault’s wallets different? To be honest, they are just one of the many money can buy, however, they do boast quality, like using full grain Horween leather, that some designer brands’ touts and hand craftsmanship that many of those brands don’t even bother today. And most importantly, the wallets won’t cost half the month’s wage; in fact, prices start at just $25. The three models offered include The Entry, The Main Street and The Trifold. The Entry is the most minimalist of the lot, capable of storing up to 6 cards in its two card pockets and up to 6 bills folded in half in the cash slot. The Main Street, on the other hand, is a tad less minimalist (just a tad) and boasts elastic that will expand as needed.

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Bronxton Handcrafted Minimalist Leather Wallets
Top row, L-R: The Trifold, The Main Street and The Entry

The Main Street can store up to 9 cards in three card pockets, plus up to 10 cards or stuff that’s equivalent to 10-card thickness in the elastic pocket and it comes with optional RFID protection. Finally, there is The Trifold, which is basically a modern take of your grandpa’s wallet. Trifold is essentially a full-size wallet in terms of capacity, but less all the unnecessary ‘fats’ which allows it to stay minimalist when fully loaded, maintaining a thickness that’s no thicker than an empty regular bi-fold wallet. It can swallow up to 12 cards, has an ID slot good for two IDs, and a Bronxton Signature Cash Strap to hold up to 12 bulls folded in half.

With the exception of The Entry, all wallets are hand-stitched. Want one? You can grab them at a special price starting at just 25 bucks through Kickstarter. However, you have act fast cos’ the campaign has just 8 days left on the calendar. There’s no concern about funding cos’ the campaign has long exceeded its set funding goal, which means the product is a go. Depending on your chosen perk, delivery could be anytime between June and August 2015.

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