roll up case is not new, but one that has the flexibility to stow away objects ranging from tools, stationery, jewelry and even your priced watches as you desire, is arguably, far and few between. and this is precisely why the Bronxton Roll Up Leather Case had our attention because it is the one roll bag that promised flexibility as far as what can be stored is concerned. in fact, it can accommodate a wide variety of items that it is hard to even give it an official name. a pencil case? a tool bag? an artist bag? it is basically, whatever you want it to be and hence, the simple product name of roll up leather case. you have seven slots to manipulate, of which five are of 1″ width while the remaining two are larger 1.5″ slots. the roll up leather case measures 8″ x 12″ (when unrolled) which allows it to store up to 8-inch long/short items. it has a single adjustable suede strap, measuring 26 inches long, that lets you adjust based on the content within.

Bronxton Roll Up Leather Case

other details include duo internal suede flaps to keep contents from coming into contact with each other, hand-stitched by local artisans, precision cut Horween leather sourced locally in the U.S.A., and a choice of black or brown leather. the black leather will come with a silver button, while the brown leather is fitted with an aged brass button. the Bronxton Roll Up Leather Case looks like a pretty stylish way to carry our minimal RC tools around, while keeping the tools from creating a ding during transportation. if you love the idea, you can help make the Bronxton Roll Up Leather Case a reality by backing its Kickstarter endeavor, but be warn that it don’t come cheap. early backers will be able to ‘pre-order’ one for $69, after which if those runs out, you are looking at $79 a pop. scroll down to catch a product video to learn more.

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