When HEIMPLANET, the Germany outfit whose inflatable tent pretty much broke the convention on how an outdoor tent should be, came out with a series of backpack, you know it is going to be anything but conventional. The company’s first backpacks, dubbed The HEIMPLANET MOTION Series Active Backpacks, are designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind with special consideration to weight distribution when it is on your back. The company claims the wedge-shaped silhouette is the result of a “perfect weight distribution” that puts weight “between your shoulders and close to your back.” And what the outfit failed to mention was, this functional design, along with the carefully chosen materials, also result a remarkably good-looking backpack design.

The HEIMPLANET MOTION Series Active Backpacks
Above and Top: Arc (L) and Ellipse (R)

Each backpack’s wide main opening opens to reveal a fleece lined laptop pocket which can also be used to house a water bladder complete with accessibility via a pair of hydration ports. A reinforced bottom and hypalon reinforced stress points ensures durability while ergonomic shoulder straps, 3D molded back and shoulder padding and hip belt addresses usage comfort. Speaking of hip belt, it also touts ability to attach compact hip pockets for additional, quick access storage spaces.


Other noteworthy mentions include YKK PU-coated zipper with custom pulls, TPU handle, elastic front layer, weatherproof side pocket with seam sealed lining, hidden gear loop(s), and dangle-free webbing ends plus thumb loops. The series comprises of two backpacks, a compact Arc and a larger Ellipse which offers 20 and 25 liters of storage space, respectively. The Ellipse, being larger, boasts a few additional features to cope with the potential larger load and these includes an adjustable load shifters, dual adjustable side compression, an elastic front layer with hypalon reinforced stress points, and a divided elastic front found at the bottom area.

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With practical functionality and absolute good looks, we see can’t see what’s not to love about The HEIMPLANET MOTION Series Active Backpacks. And yes, obviously, we are excited about them and so are over 500 backers on the backpacks’ Kickstarter campaign who have helped to push the campaign past its set funding goal in just two days. Speaking of which, you can secure yourself a unit by making a pledge of €95 and up (about US$100 or more).

Though it is worthy to note that your pre-ordered backpack won’t be arriving until June 2017. On the bright side, you know a HEIMPLANET MOTION backpack will be yours if you pledge cos’ HEIMPLANET is no newbie; they have been making and selling awesome camping products since 2011. Catch the pitch video below to learn more about these awesome backpacks.



Images courtesy of HEIMPLANET.

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