These Backpacks Touts Perfect Weight Distribution, Oozes With Style

When HEIMPLANET, the Germany outfit whose inflatable tent pretty much broke the convention on how an outdoor tent should be, came out with a series of backpack, you know it is going to be anything but conventional. The company’s first backpacks, dubbed The HEIMPLANET MOTION Series Active Backpacks, are designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind […]

HEIMPLANET Designed This Special Camping Tent For Audi Q3 Quattro

when you are camping, don’t you ever wished there is a tent that will sort of ‘merge’ with your SUV? while the market is not lacking of solutions for such ‘lavish’ setup, there isn’t one that is truly endorsed by the automobile maker… until now. at this year’s Wörthersee, Audi have a lot to show […]

HEMIPLANET The Wedge Inflatable Tent

while camping might be fun, setting up a traditional tent is anything but. this is where a tent such as the HEMIPLANET The Wedge Inflatable Tent will take that ‘pain’ out of your camping experience. the concept of an inflatable, pole-less tent was first introduced some two years ago by HEMIPLANET with the inflatable 2-3 person tent dubbed