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These Backpacks Touts Perfect Weight Distribution, Oozes With Style

When HEIMPLANET, the Germany outfit whose inflatable tent pretty much broke the convention on how an outdoor tent should be, came out with a series of backpack, you know it is going to be anything but conventional. The company’s first backpacks, dubbed The HEIMPLANET MOTION Series Active Backpacks, are designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind with special consideration to weight distribution when it is on your back. The company claims the wedge-shaped silhouette is the result of a “perfect weight distribution” that puts weight “between your shoulders and close to your back.” And what the outfit failed to mention was, this functional design, along with the carefully chosen materials, also result a remarkably good-looking backpack design. Continue reading These Backpacks Touts Perfect Weight Distribution, Oozes With Style

HEIMPLANET Designed This Special Camping Tent For Audi Q3 Quattro

when you are camping, don’t you ever wished there is a tent that will sort of ‘merge’ with your SUV? while the market is not lacking of solutions for such ‘lavish’ setup, there isn’t one that is truly endorsed by the automobile maker… until now. at this year’s Wörthersee, Audi have a lot to show off and among them is an outdoor variant of the Audi Q3 with Audi Original Accessories including an outdoor-loving Q3 owner’s dream tent, developed by German tent maker, HEIMPLANET. based on HEIMPLANET innovative technology, the Q3 Camping Tent, as it is called, allows campers to setup the tent in roughly seven minutes simply by inflating it up. further information weren’t readily available, but by the look of it, the Q3 Camping Tent appears to be a bigger, chopped up version of The Cave (but smaller than the Mavericks), though we can’t be sure. Continue reading HEIMPLANET Designed This Special Camping Tent For Audi Q3 Quattro

HEMIPLANET The Wedge Inflatable Tent

while camping might be fun, setting up a traditional tent is anything but. this is where a tent such as the HEMIPLANET The Wedge Inflatable Tent will take that ‘pain’ out of your camping experience. the concept of an inflatable, pole-less tent was first introduced some two years ago by HEMIPLANET with the inflatable 2-3 person tent dubbed The Cave. and now, the firm has a new kid on the block for those who are looking for a tad smaller alternative to The Cave. known as The Wedge Inflatable Tent by HEMIPLANET, it offers a slightly lower profile than that of its larger sibling while still giving you a good 4.4 square meter of interior real estate and uses the same innovative airbeams to prop up the tent, inflatable via a manual air pump. Continue reading HEMIPLANET The Wedge Inflatable Tent