while camping might be fun, setting up a traditional tent is anything but. this is where a tent such as the HEMIPLANET The Wedge Inflatable Tent will take that ‘pain’ out of your camping experience. the concept of an inflatable, pole-less tent was first introduced some two years ago by HEMIPLANET with the inflatable 2-3 person tent dubbed The Cave. and now, the firm has a new kid on the block for those who are looking for a tad smaller alternative to The Cave. known as The Wedge Inflatable Tent by HEMIPLANET, it offers a slightly lower profile than that of its larger sibling while still giving you a good 4.4 square meter of interior real estate and uses the same innovative airbeams to prop up the tent, inflatable via a manual air pump. all you have to do is to unroll it, inflate and wah-lah, you are all set with a good sheltered resting place. of course, you do need to peg it down any how cos’ you won’t want to be chasing after the tent like a mad man when the gust comes, do you? other features include a single inflation point to erect the whole tent, a stable and robust air frame IDG with geodesic structure, double layer air struts, multi-chamber safety system (for preventing isolated puncture from bringing the whole tent down), two closable ventilation openings at the fly sheet, vestibule located at the entrance area with three opening options, and a room for two with tons of storage space. sounds like a perfect tent for tent-setup haters like us and possibly making us more incline to give the great outdoor a shot – if we can get past its asking price tag of €449 (around US$574), and the weight of 3.2 plus kilograms for the total package, including the required pump. take a few more look at the The Wedge Inflatable Tent by HEMIPLANET in the gallery below.

HEMIPLANET via Gear Patrol

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