Tents. They may protect you from the elements when you are out in the wild, but the thing that’s going to keep you warm is the sleeping bag. However, if you are in a place where the nights get really, really cold, you may need the Bundl.

Bundl Electric-heated Sleeping Bag

Staking claim as the world’s first electric-heated sleeping bag, Bundl is outfitted with smart sensor technology that not only covers a wide range of temperature in three different regions, but it can also be controlled by your smartphone.

But why would you want that (controlled by your smartphone)? Well, simple. You can get Bundl all warmed up before you hop in. Absolutely brilliant – unless you prefer the good’ol grizzly to warm it up for you? No. No one wants a grizzly in your tent or sleep bag. You are not Goldilocks and so, bears probably won’t take kindly of your presence.

Bundl Electric-heated Sleeping Bag

Key features and specifications include temperature range of -10 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, self-regulating temperature, physical button for instant warmth when not connected to app, goose down filling, draft collar, DWR coating, Ripstop nylon, compression sack, insulated media pocket, USB charging port in pocket, integrated pillow punch, and a 12V rechargeable battery that is solar charging compatible and boasts ports for charging your other devices.

Bundl Electric-heated Sleeping Bag is further designed with arm zippers to free your arms and full zipper at the bottom, so you can walk around with Bundl like a mummy, cooking stuff or just seat around the campfire, and thereafter, head straight to the tent to take a wink – all warm and cosy.

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If you believe the Bundl Electric-heated Sleeping Bag is a good fit for your camping needs, you can pick up one on Kickstarter (it is already funded, btw). But be warned though. It does not come cheap. Be prepared to drop at least $299 for one. If all goes as planned, backers can expect Bundl to reach you in February 2020.

Images courtesy of Bundl.

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