You know how Cluedo (or Clue as it is known in North America) make players solve who’s is murdered Mr. Boddy? Well, the Judge Your ‘Friends’ party game ain’t that. Hell, it is not quite a board game to begin with, but that’s not the point. The point is, Judge Your ‘Friends’ does not do investigation; it goes straight to judgement.

Judge Your ‘Friends’ Party Game

The game kind of lets you be Judge Judy. The gameplay is pretty simple. The nominated Judge draws and reads scenario to players (‘Friends’). Then each defendants take turn to enter their pleas. Judge renders their verdict (guess who is actually guilt) and defendant reveal their plea. The Judge will be rewarded game cash for each correct verdict he or she made.

Judge Your ‘Friends’ Party Game

This go on for five rounds and player with the most game cash wins the game. For added realism, a gavel is included, along with two coasters Guilty and Not Guilty) for the the Judge to bang on to deliver the verdict. Also included are eight not guilty and eight guilty cards, cards with over 250 funniest and craziest scenarios, specialty cards and fat stack of (fake) cash.

You can find Judge Your ‘Friends’ Party Game on Kickstarter where you can pick it up as a pre-order for $19 or more. The campaign is funded and so, if you backed for a product, you should be expecting it to arrive sometime in December 2019. Keep going for a super fun pitch video.

Images courtesy of Kickstarter (Judge Your ‘Friends’).

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