Calling out toy collectors. Whether you are into LEGO, action figures, statues, vinyl figures, or model cars you are gonna want to show off your collection in all its glory and this new kid in the display solution block may be just what you need to make your collection shine.

LUMICASE Display Case for Toys by Game Start Studio

Meet LUMICASE by Game Start Studio, not just a display case but a revolution for collectors. Its clever LED lighting turns your collectibles into showpieces, letting you customize the glow to suit each item. The real magic? It’s all about flexibility – change shelf heights, case orientation, and overall layout with ease.

Crafted with durable, eco-friendly materials, LUMICASE is built to last and designed with a conscience. It also comes with customizable backdrops and cover options, available in various sizes to fit your space and collection.

LUMICASE Display Case for Toys by Game Start Studio

In short, LUMICASE is the display case reimagined – simple, sustainable, and completely tailored to your unique collection. Keep an eye out for this game-changer, it’s bound to be a collector’s dream.

The LUMICASE will hit up Kickstarter in March.

Meanwhile, you may learn more over at

LUMICASE Display Case for Toys by Game Start Studio

Images: Game Start Studio.

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