Bolin Webb R1 Mach 3 Razors – inspired by sports car

Bolin Webb R1 Argent Silver Razor 544x288px
(credit: Bolin Webb) Bolin Webb R1 Argent Silver Mach 3 Razor | £34.50 |

every man need a razor regardless of ‘how clean’ he is, but not every man has a razor as cool looking as the Bolin Webb R1 Argent Silver Mach 3 Razor. designed by UK-based Bolin and Webb, who took their inspiration from the world of premium classic and modern sports car when creating this gorgeous shaving razor. though, a razor hardly needs any aerodynamic but it sure makes it much more sleeker and cooler. the R1 features a broad handle, a colored upper with lacquer and a rubbed based. available in two models, both R1 and the R1-S uses Gillette Mach 3 head. in essence, you have best of both worlds: a reliable shaving blade plus a gorgeous look. who says razor has to be dull looking? the R1 exists in four colors: Black, Graphite, Argent Silver as well as Alpine White, and there is also a R1-S Monza Red edition. the Bolin Webb R1 Mach 3 Razor retails for £34.50 (about US$55) and are available from Carter and Bond online store. check out a few more look of the R1 after the break.
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Bolin Webb R1 Black Razor 544x328px

Bolin Webb R1 Alpine White Razor 544x311px

Bolin Webb R1-S Monza Red Razor 544x300px

Bolin Webb R1 Argent Silver Mach 3 Razor via Acquire

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