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Razor Puts An Electric Motor On To The Jetts And Calls It Turbo Jetts

Before Razor’s spark-kicking Jetts Heel Wheels came on to the market, kids had been zooming down the malls with sneakers embedded with heel wheels. Razor’s solution serves to turn any shoe into heel wheeled kicks without the need to buy a pair of ‘specialized’ sneakers. Apparently, Razor thinks add-on heel wheels aren’t enough. A year on, it came up with another novel version: Jetts with electric motor and it is calling it Turbo Jetts. I am not into this heel wheel thing (obviously), but if I am not wrong, this is the first of its kind. Continue reading Razor Puts An Electric Motor On To The Jetts And Calls It Turbo Jetts

Bolin Webb R1 Mach 3 Razors – inspired by sports car

Bolin Webb R1 Argent Silver Razor 544x288px
(credit: Bolin Webb) Bolin Webb R1 Argent Silver Mach 3 Razor | £34.50 | www.bolinwebb.com

every man need a razor regardless of ‘how clean’ he is, but not every man has a razor as cool looking as the Bolin Webb R1 Argent Silver Mach 3 Razor. designed by UK-based Bolin and Webb, who took their inspiration from the world of premium classic and modern sports car when creating this gorgeous shaving razor. though, a razor hardly needs any aerodynamic but it sure makes it much more sleeker and cooler. the R1 features a broad handle, a colored upper with lacquer and a rubbed based. available in two models, both R1 and the R1-S uses Gillette Mach 3 head. in essence, you have best of both worlds: a reliable shaving blade plus a gorgeous look. who says razor has to be dull looking? the R1 exists in four colors: Black, Graphite, Argent Silver as well as Alpine White, and there is also a R1-S Monza Red edition. the Bolin Webb R1 Mach 3 Razor retails for £34.50 (about US$55) and are available from Carter and Bond online store. check out a few more look of the R1 after the break. Continue reading Bolin Webb R1 Mach 3 Razors – inspired by sports car

Razor’s advanced POGO stick gives you the extra boing

Razor BoGo POGO Stick main 544x400px
(image credit: Razor) Razor BoGo POGO Stick | US$79.90 | www.razorama.com

Razor BoGo POGO gives a classic outdoor toy a new boing with a healthy dose of cutting-edge technology. instead of solely relying on the internal spring power, the BoGo features a patented bow-assist spring that promised to add a boost of power to your POGO-ing. the bow-assist spring may sound simple to any layman but it is, in fact, a licensed technology originally developed by the Carnegie Mellon University. constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Razor BoGo POGO stick is able to carry riders of up to 140 pounds.

the the Razor BoGo POGO stick retails for $79.90 and is available now via Razor web store.

Razor BoGo POGO Stick image1 544x600px