Stranger Things Series “Coffee And Contemplation” Jim Hopper 11.8-inch Figure

Recently we came across a collectible that may interest superfans of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Note that we specifically said “superfans” because it’s kind of holy shit expensive for a vinyl figure.

ZCWO x Stravelling Muzeum Mona Lisa // Discovering Fools Paradise

Mona Lisa by legendary Italian artist/inventor Leonardo da Vinci has gotta be the most parodied masterpiece. Here’s another parody of the world’s most famous portrait but it is not a painting it is a collectible vinyl figure or vinyl bust to be exact.

Lowfool League Of Steel EV03: EVA Unit 01’s Armor As Football Protective Gears

After reimagining Gundam suit as a football protective gear with Lowfool Steel of League T01-GD, Fools is back with another football protective gear suited vinyl figure based on yet another popular pop culture icon: Evangelion. Obviously, it’s not licensed…

New Kotobukiya BISHOUJO Turns Optimus Prime And Megatron Into Sassy Lady Figurines

You may want to skip this if you hate sexualizing any characters because toy maker Kotobukiya has just “sexualized” yet another two iconic cartoon characters and you won’t believe who they are.

Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Garfield Vinyl Figures Are Strangely Alluring

Ever wonder what makes Garfield, the unbelievable lazy cat, tick? I mean, surely you have wondered about his inner workings, right? No? Never mind because we are about to find out anyways – thanks to Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Garfield Vinyl Figures.

This Is What G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes Does During His Free Time

Ever wonder what heroes do when they have their me-time? I am not sure about who does what but we may know what G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes is up to when this master swordsman/master of ninjutsu – among many other things – thanks to Mighty Jaxx.

Battle Axe-wielding Kong Joins Godzilla In Shonen Ric Toho Daikaiju Series

If you already had the Toho Daikaiju series’ Godzilla, a Gojira figure based on the last year’s most anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong movie from Shonen Ric, on order, then you may not want to miss out on the other star of the movie: King Kong.