There are concept cars that you know very well they won’t be made and then there are concept cars that you know for sure they won’t be made. The Vision Mercedes Simplex is the latter. I don’t need to tell you why? Just look at it. Tell me if you think it will ever be made.

Vision Mercedes Simplex Concept Car

While clearly not a car we will see now, near future or even in the future, the Vision Mercedes Simplex is what Mercedes-Benz as a symbol of “the transition to the a new era of design and technology” and a “homage to the historical legacy and the birth of the brand.”

The sculpture “Vision Mercedes Simplex” recalls this historic event and carries the pioneering spirit and the styling characteristics of those days far into the 21st century. Its message? The passion for luxury and innovation is part of the Mercedes-Benz brand DNA. This brand DNA gives Mercedes-Benz the strength to set new standards in mobility over again, yesterday, today and tomorrow. At the same time the sculpture shows that Mercedes-Benz is continuing to drive forward the transformation of the car and of mobility as a pioneer.

Vision Mercedes Simplex Concept Car

There was a lengthy press release of it which the brand went on to describe the design, the rationale behind and the designs’ significance. Basically, they are just marketing talks.

Like a painting, it is what the designers want you to believe it to be. Whatever it is, for me, Vision Mercedes Simplex is just a dope concept and really, that is all you and I need to know.

All images courtesy of Daimler AG.

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