Toyota Concepts At The Japan Mobility Show 2023

We have been wanting to talk about this for months and we finally got to it today. Just in time before the year ended. Back at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in October, Toyota brought a few delightful concepts and a prototype to the show floor. But instead of boring you with words, we have summarized the vehicles in an easy-to-digest format which you can find after the break.

All vehicles are electric – battery electric, to be precise – because, why not? The models include Toyota Land Cruiser Se, EPU, Land Hopper, JUU, Space Mobility, and a cockpit concept known as NEO Steer. Keep going for a summary of what each vehicle is about.

1. LAND CRUISER Se: An elegant, high-torque BEV with a three-row SUV design, emphasizing quietness and off-road capability.

Toyota Land Cruiser Se

2. EPU: A stylish, next-generation mid-size pickup truck concept, featuring a monocoque body for durability and versatile deck space.

Toyota EPU

3. LAND HOPPER: A three-wheeled electric personal mobility concept with a foldable design, ideal for travel and accessible to users without a driver’s license.

Toyota Land Hopper

4. JUU: An electric wheelchair combining style and drivability, designed for independence and accessibility in various environments. It’s a wheelchair Professor X will approve.

Toyota JUU

5. Space Mobility (Prototype): A vehicle for space exploration with advanced drive system technologies for rugged extraterrestrial environments.

Toyota Space Mobility (Prototype)

6. NEO Steer: A new cockpit concept integrating accelerator and brake functions into the steering wheel, enhancing the driving experience.

Toyota NEO Steer

So, there you have it. Knowledge about the concepts without overloading your memory bank. These models reflect Toyota’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and accessibility in mobility solutions.

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Images: Toyota [JP].