Leaning Will Make This Wheelchair Steers, Much Like Skateboard Does

Until now, wheelchair users have been putting up with the pain of turning. When a user need to turn, he or she has to put more strength to the side of wheel which he or she want it to turn. Sometime even stopping to do so, but with Reto Togni’s invention called Reagiro, it features […]

Ripchair Will Turn Any Wheelchair Into An Off-Road-Happy Wheelchair

We have seen a few bad-ass vehicles that will enable wheelchair-bound individuals to experience the adrenalin thrill of off-roading again, but those, while awesome, requires wheelchair user to transfer themselves to another vehicle which obviously, is not exactly an easy task and hence, it feels like the off-road for wheelchair-bound person was an afterthought. However, […]

Thanks to Scalevo, Stairs Will Cease To Be An Obstacle to Wheelchairs

The term “wheelchair-friendly” may well be a thing of the past – thanks to a group of 10 Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the Zurich University of the Arts who have invented a new, futuristic wheelchair that climbs stairs. And when we said it ‘climbs stairs’, […]

Hexhog Gives Wheelchair-bound Users The Power To Explore The Backcountry Terrains

being wheelchair bound does not mean one has to be restricted to the confines of proper roads. with the Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair, wheelchair users will be empowered with the ability to explore the vast wilderness and backcountry areas which conventional wheelchair can’t go – all thanks to the vehicle’s patented flexing chassis and a six-wheel […]