We have seen a few bad-ass vehicles that will enable wheelchair-bound individuals to experience the adrenalin thrill of off-roading again, but those, while awesome, requires wheelchair user to transfer themselves to another vehicle which obviously, is not exactly an easy task and hence, it feels like the off-road for wheelchair-bound person was an afterthought. However, Howe and Howe Technologies, the Maine-based company behind many military and commercial extreme off-road vehicles (including the apple of our eye, the Ripsaw luxury super tank!), has a more appropriate vehicle designed specifically for wheelchair users.

Track Chair Ripchair 3.0 Extreme Off-road Chair

The vehicle, aptly dubbed Ripchair 3.0 Extreme Off-road Chair, sports a belt-type track with a track shape that reminiscent of the WWI British Mark V tank, and most importantly, it is the only kind that accepts existing wheelchair, be it manual or powered. Started its life as a prototype made for Discovery channel show, Ripchair 3.0 boasts a ramp that allows wheelchair to back into the vehicle and lock in place, and be ready to traverse brutal terrains which normal wheelchair can’t go. A 29HP engine drives a hydrostatic drive that allows Ripchair 3.0 to get up to speed up to 10 miles an hour and conquer slope of up to 60 percent gradient.

Track Chair Ripchair 3.0 Extreme Off-road Chair

Ripchair is customizable to individual requirements, from hand controls type side to adding of extras like additional cup holders, gun racks, fishing rod holders, storage compartments, tow points, winch, auxiliary outlet and even an equalizer shooting system. Also, if so desired, you can opt for a built-in seat that can extend outwards and down for ease of ingress and egress too. The choice is yours. Though how much that choice and the ride itself will cost is unknown cos’ price is on request. So, if you are all up for it, do touch base with Howe and Howe Technologies to find out more. Meanwhile, here’s a couple of video of the Ripchair 3.0 to convince why you should part with your hard earned dough for one. Enjoy.

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Track Chair Ripchair 3.0 Extreme Off-road Chair

Track Chair Ripchair 3.0 Extreme Off-road Chair

All images by Howe and Howe Technologies.

Ripchair 3.0 via Technabob

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