With terrorism constantly a threat, air travelers face endless security checks which often requires you to expose your horribly or superbly packed suitcase. But not with the Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Transparent Suitcase which, as the product name points out, is completely clear, which means no matter how bad or good is your packing, it will bare it all regardless. When we say bare it all, we do mean bare it all, meaning your clothes and whatever stuff inside you have inside will be in full view of everyone. With transparency in the mix, it is a good idea to sandwich any gold bars or gold-plated gadgets between your garments, but seriously, don’t quote us on that.

Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Transparent Suitcase
Sloppy or neat packing: it’s your choice

As far as practicality goes, I am sure airport security will be delighted and possibly, surprised, as you are one traveler who boldly declares you have nothing to hide. Though we cannot guarantee that it will not trigger a reverse psychology effect and draws unwanted attention to you. Anyways, the clear shell is of durable polycarbonate material and so, its integrity and strength should be the same as any polycarbonate suitcases. A heavy duty zipper along with TSA-approved locks keeps the bare-it-all suitcase shut while a wraparound strap ensure it stays that way until it needs to be opened.

Other features to be proud of includes a voluminous 70L (4,271.66 cubic inch) storage space, cushioned fabric handles in addition to the telescopic handle, in-built clothes compression system and of course, smooth glide wheels for unhindered movement. If you think you can handle the exposure, then head on to Crumpler website to pick one up, but be warned that it is not cheap; expect this acquisition to set you back a cool $745 AUD (that’s about US$559).

Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Transparent Suitcase

Crumpler Vis-A-Vis Transparent Suitcase

Images: Crumpler.

Crumpler via Hypebeast

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