LEGO Demogorgon & Eleven Brickheadz (40549)

Do you know that LEGO did a tease of Stranger Things a few months ahead of the ST4 started streaming in May on Netflix? We were half-expecting a LEGO Stranger Things set but to our dismay, there isn’t any. However, we do have this: LEGO Netflix Stranger Things Demogorgon & Eleven (40549) Brickheadz set.

LEGO Demogorgon & Eleven Brickheadz (40549)

Not sure if I should say “it’s better than nothing” but the set is cute, alright. Anywho, the set lets you build two of the series’ most iconic characters. It features authentic details like the Demogorgon’s opening flower head and Eleven’s waffle and outfit.

The set contains 192 pieces and the features stand over 3.5 inches (9 cm) tall. Each figure comes with its own base plate for display.

The LEGO Demogorgon & Elevent Brickheadz (40549) is available now for US$19.99 from

Images: LEGO.