Watch the First 8 Minutes Of Netflix’s Stranger Things 4

The long-overdue Netflix’s Stranger Things 4 is set to drop next week. To get keep the mood going, Netflix has shared the first 8 minutes of the new season. If I can be perfectly honest, I am not entirely thrilled. Not by the show or by the first 8 minutes.

The Art And Making Of Transformers War For Cybertron Trilogy Hardcover Book

If you are a fan of Transformers who has a special affinity for Netflix’s Transformers War For Cybertron Trilogy, well, then you are in for a treat. No. There’s not going to be another season but there is going to have a book all about the Netflix’s anime series.

 Netflix Dropped Stranger Things 4 Official Trailer: It Looks Complicated

The thing with any sequel is, if it takes too long to make and hit the screen, it loses its appeal. More so if the show’s or movie’s key actors were children. Man, their growth is exponential! The childish demeanor and behavior, you know, like the screams, the conversation that goes with the face of …

Netflix’s Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 Official Trailer

Surprise. Surprise. After having a less than stellar reception for the first season of the Pacific Rim: The Black animated series, we are getting the second season. This is nice because I kind of dig the season as a whole when I overlooked the fact of how stupid Hayley can get and her constant sobbing …

Bastard!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Original Net Animation Adaptation Is Coming To Netflix!

In related news, Netflix is bringing a cult favorite manga, Bastard!!: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy, to its streaming platform. Yes. Believe it and from what we see from the first trailer, it looked absolutely fantastic. Bastard!! was every teenager’s wet dream.

Netflix’s Ultraman Anime Is Not For Everyone But Season 2 Does Look Pretty Dope

First release on Netflix in April 2019, the anime version of Ultraman is not for purists. It is not the gigantic alien ass-kicker in a rubber suit that we have known; the anime Ultraman is a regular person, who for some reason, is blessed with a superpower and wears an Iron Man-like exoskeleton suit (called …

Don’t Look Up Dibiasky New Balance 550 Is Embellished With Pallasite Meteorite

Netflix and broker of fine and decorative art, jewelry, and collectibles, Sotheby’s has come together to introduce a one-of-a-kind New Balance sneaker to promote the streaming platform’s latest feature film, Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up.

Netflix Introduces Netflix Games That Includes Two Stranger Things Mobile Game

Over the last two decades, everyone is jumping to grab a piece of the streaming pie and in recent years, some of them want in in gaming too. OK. Maybe it was just Apple and Google (and maybe Samsung). Oh, wait, what? And Netflix too? So, yeah, in case you have been living under the …

New Stranger Things 4 Trailer: Wait, What? Stranger Things Goes To California?

It is more than half a year before the fourth season of Stranger Things will hit Netflix, but Netflix is slowly but surely hyping it up. In fact, the campaign has started as early as May with a teaser.

Funko Netflix’s Squid Game Pop! Vinyl Figures: Yup. It Is Happening!

Funko Pop! line of vinyl figures inspired by one of Netflix’s biggest shows this year, Squid Game, is happening. So far, six 3.75-inch Funko Pop! vinyl figures were revealed, each figure is inspired by one of the key characters in the series.