tex—lock x Möve e-bike and Texlock Auction

Germany’s bike lock maker Texlock (stylized as tex—lock) and fellow bicycle maker, Moeve (stylized as Möve) have come together for a very special one-of-a-kind bike lock and e-bike combo for the benefit of charity and it is now going on the block.

tex—lock x Möve e-bike and Texlock Auction

In this auction, which started on July 01, 2022, and ends on July 31, 2022, you can bike for a special edition e-bike from Möve Bikes, called Airy Special Edition tex—lock that comes with a special edition 2022 Texlock bicycle lock, the tex—lock eyelet red belly.

Not going to lie. It is a very alluring combo. The Airy Special Edition tex—lock is M size (52 cm frame size with 59 cm top tube) and it is presented in silk matte lacquer finish in blue.

The frame is of lightweight aluminum which has a max load of 150 kilograms. It features low-maintenance pinion gears, Ergotec Level 6 handlebars, and stem, and it is, of course, made in Germany.

tex—lock x Möve e-bike and Texlock Auction

Meanwhile, the accompanying tex—lock eyelet red belly bike lock is an M size (120 cm/3.93 feet) lock with a U-lock mini shackle lock. The lock is presented in an attractive red colorway with navy accents.

For the uninitiated, tex—lock is a textile lock (hence the name) but with a hardened metal core that is resistant to cutting and sawing. One major benefit of textile lock is that it is paint job-friendly. It will not scratch the bike’s paintwork and that’s not to mention it looks super cool too.

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Like the Möve e-bike, it is also made in Germany. The e-bike and lock combo is valued at around 6.000€ (around US$6,257). You can learn more about the auction by hitting up this LINK.

tex—lock x Möve e-bike and Texlock Auction

Meanwhile, if you prefer not to auction or can’t join the auction, you can actually pick up the tex—lock eyelet bike lock for 139,00€ (roughly about US$145).

Similarly, you can also pick up the non-auction edition Airy from Möve. The price is 5.390,00€ or around US$5,621. Though we are not sure if Möve does international delivery.

Anyhoo, all proceeds from the auction will be donated to the DREAM initiative of the German Aids Foundation. The DREAM Initiative aims to help HIV-infected pregnant women to deliver healthy children.

tex—lock x Möve e-bike and Texlock Auction

Images: Texlock/Möve Bikes [DE].