we were 483 days (or 1 year, 3 months and 25 days) late in featuring this awesome, bring-back-your-childhood-memories ride: the High Roller Mark 1 Adult Size Big Wheel Trike. normally, if we missed a product, we will just let it past but not this time because this Big Wheel Trike for grown ups stirs up quite a bit of bitter sweet memories for me. bitter because i didn’t get to own one; and sweet because it was something that i never failed to drool over whenever the TV commercial went up on air. thanks to one mega-awesome company, we can now relive (or catch up, whichever your case was) our childhood with the Big Wheel once again but only this time, the Big Wheel gets a little bigger to suit our adult sizes. though much larger, the concept and setup remains pretty much the same: it has a large 26-inch pneumatic front wheel, molded 14-inch hard plastic rear wheels designed for exhilarating power slides (aka drifting) and it comes complete with bell and tassels (!) for that extra authentic feel. other features include steel frame with custom metal flake glossy paint job, freewheel hub for high speed coasting, alloy rims, super wide front tire for maximum traction, alloy v-brake and levers, and a plush and fully adjustable seat. the only two things it is lacking are the good old storage box that was integrated into the seat’s back and the power slide brake lever but those are not going to be an issue in anyway. recommended for age 18 and above, the High Roller Mark 1 Adult Size Big Wheel Trike can accommodate rider of height between 1.3 to 2 meters (5′ 2″ to 6′ 6″) and takes up to 125 kilograms (275 lbs) of heft. and the price for a product with such high nostalgic value? $599.99 plus shipping. steep price indeed, but for nostalgia sake, it might just be worth it. check out a few more larger views in the gallery below.

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