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no. what you see at the midsole of this Adidas Energy Boost Running Shoes is not styrofoam. it just happens to look like it and in fact, it happens to be the opposite: the Boost, as it is known, is a revolutionary cushioning system that provides the highest energy return to the wearer, thereby giving the athlete the added boost necessary for him or her to push ahead of everyone else. so as you can see, it is does more than just cushioning the wearer’s feet. based on the groundbreaking development process created by Adidas partner BASF, the Boost features unique cell structure that stores and unleash the energy more efficiently with every stride you take and it can excel consistently across a variety of temperatures without losing its cushioning properties like the commonly used EVA foam. apart from the Boost technology, the Adidas Energy Boost Running Shoes also features Adidas’ techfit technology for lightweight and flexible upper support, TORSION SYSTEM for mid foot support, external heel counter for sock-like fit and ADIWEAR outsole for high-wear durability. you can starting getting returns (of energy) in your runs from February 27, 2013 for $150 a pair. the Adidas Energy Boost Running Shoes is available for both men and ladies.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZnAeK9l5oU?rel=0&w=630&h=354] [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QXayMkbvpk?rel=0&w=630&h=354]

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