Fans of Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy line of toys take note. Hasbro has, ahead of Hasbro’s Fan Fest on April 9, unveiled three new Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy figures and among the three, is one Titan, Transformers Titan Class Autobot Ark.

Transformers Titan Class Autobot Ark

Towering at 19 inches (48 cm!), the Titan Class Autobot Ark includes an Optimus Prime microfigure that fits inside The Ark, a removable chest piece, and comes with a “G1-inspired Sky Spy accessory.” There’s a separate figure that can transform into the Teletraan-1 computer.

Transformers Titan Class Autobot Ark

Also revealed along side the Titan Class figure is a 7.5-inch Galvatron figure with a G1-ish design. Galvatron here is accompanied by 4 accessories, namely, a Particle Beam cannon in semi-translucent orange, a pair of side cannon accessories, and the Matrix of Leadership on chain.

Finally, there is the 5.5 inches tall Beast Wars Scorponok, which transforms in a more organic scorpion with articulated claws and tail.

All three figures will be hitting the shelves on July 1 with pre-order for them to start on April 9 from Transformers Titan Class Autobot Ark will sell for US$149.99, while Galvatron and Scorponok goes for US$49.99 and US$22.99, respectively.

Images: Hasbro via IGN.

Source: IGN.

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