animated or not, we considered ourselves as serious sci-fi addicts. if you as big a fan as us for such genre of film, then you shouldn’t miss this epic stop-motion animated film created by one Takahide Hori. and when we said “don’t miss it”, we seriously mean don’t miss it. the JUNK HEAD 1, as the film was called, was set in a distant future, where the human race, struck by some ancient virus, was dwindling in numbers which was made worst by the race’s inability to reproduce. so naturally, humans were genetically enhanced to live longer, and clones were created to help supplement the workforce, which lead to an eventual conflict between the clones and their master. anyway, we thought the storyline, though by no means refreshing, was pretty awesome and the cinematography is certainly pretty spell-binding.

what we love about this piece (at least for this 10-minute version) is, the JUNK HEAD 1 doesn’t weigh us down with heavy sci-fi stuff and Hori did managed to inject some subtle humor into the short. with just ten minutes, the film almost immediately felt like a cross between Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and Ghost In The Shell to us. the full length of the movie is just 30 minutes long, but it took Hori more than four years to create using his spare time and with no budget. the film did feature a handful of CGI effects, but other than that, it was shot purely using stop-motion technique which needless to say, was a painstaking process, especially if you consider that this flick was a creation of one man. you can catch the 10-minute version of the JUNK HEAD 1 in the embedded video.

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YAMIKEN via Mighty Mega

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