Watch All 50 Episodes From 2 Seasons Of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 For Free

Continue to get your anime fix for free during this quarantine period with Mobile Suit Gundam, specifically, the Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Things are not getting better as it seems, but you, as an anime fan, can keep yourself sane with all 50 episodes from the two seasons of MSG 00.

You Can Watch All 3 Rebuild Of Evangelion Movies Online For Free This Month!

We can’t give anyone a good reason to stay home except that it will help, you know flatten the curve. However, Japanese animation studio, Khara, Inc. has just given fans of Evangelion a good reason to stay indoor.

Madcap Inventor Colin Furze Has A New Show On YouTube Red!

The Internet’s favorite British madcap inventor, Colin Furze, has teamed up with YouTube Red to create a new series called Furze World Wonders!, featuring, obviously, the mad garage inventor himself, Colin Furze. All this while, Furze has been building for the Internet, for himself and sometimes, for his sponsors, but with the Furze World Wonders!, …

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” Music Video Scores Over 2.1 Billion Views, Prompts YouTube to Update its Backend

We rarely do non-product news, but this one is special because it is one piece of entertainment news that correlates to tech. And how so, you ask? Simple. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” scores over 2.1 billion views on Youtube and in the process, it kind of breaks YouTube view counter. Oops. The story goes that the …

JUNK HEAD 1 – A Stop-Motion Animated Film

animated or not, we considered ourselves as serious sci-fi addicts. if you as big a fan as us for such genre of film, then you shouldn’t miss this epic stop-motion animated film created by one Takahide Hori. and when we said “don’t miss it”, we seriously mean don’t miss it. the JUNK HEAD 1, as the film was called