Universal Pictures Dropped Jurassic World Dominion Trailer 2

Universal Pictures has dropped a new trailer for the Jurassic World Dominion. I don’t what to say, man. I felt like I may have watched the entire movie after this trailer and the first we saw two months ago. In another word, stay away from the trailer if you don’t want any more spoilers. If …

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor Gets Her Own Movie Poster

In the short but awesome teaser trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder earlier this week, we had a glimpse of Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor summoning the once-shattered Mjolnir, much to God of Thunder’s surprise (possibly by both the existence newly of the Goddess of Thunder and the appearance of the Mjolnir that was …

New Shin Ultraman Official Trailer Gave Us A Glimpse Of The Kaiju

Hot on the heels of the third teaser of the new Ultraman movie is the official trailer of the Shin Ultraman. I don’t believe in the past teasers we have seen any kaiju that threatens Japan. But we definitely see some of them in the official trailer which is nearly three times longer than the …

Marvel Drops Thor: Love And Thunder Teaser Trailer

We finally have our first look at the next Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. It has been 5 years since Thor: Ragnarok but this one will be the most anticipated movie since the first. Why? Because Jane Foster now wields the Mjolnir as the new Mighty Thor.

Quick Words About The New Batman Movie And The Significance Of The New Batmobile

Alright. I may be a little late on this but please hear me out. After much procrastination, I finally decided to step into the theater to catch Matt Reeves’ The Batman. It was a brave act considering how inconsiderate some people can get in theaters in a time like this

Warner Bros. Pictures Drops The Official Trailer For Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS

There have been countless music biopics made for the silver screen but oddly, there was never one about The King, Elvis Presley. The one in 1979 was made for television, so it does not count, so were the many docu-movies. I have always wondered why.

Is Jordan Peele’s Third Direction, NOPE, About Alien Invasion?

Jordan Peele, one half of Key and Peele and Hollywood’s current most prominent horror director, is back with a new movie. Like Peele’s last work, the latest flick has just one word for the title and that’s NOPE. While for most films, we would have known the plot before they hit the theaters, we have …

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Official Trailer: It Sure Look Like Madness!

The teaser of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, may have intrigued you, confused you, or both. Now be prepared to be even more intrigued or confused by it with the first official trailer.