Daniel Radcliffe Of Harry Potter Fame Has Guns Bolted To His Hands In Guns Akimbo

We usually do pop culture stuff when it comes to movies. You know, stuff like Star Wars, Star Trek and whatnot. Notwithstanding that, we thought this new independent film starring Daniel Radcliffe deserves our attention.

Here’s The First Look At The Concept Art Of James Cameron’s Avatar 2

Well, what do you know? James Cameron has took to CES 2020 to reveal the concept art of the sequel to the world’s number two film, Avatar. That’s right. We finally has something to look forward to after a decade on.

Best Buy Is Taking Pre-order For Star Wars 9-Movie Collection Digital + Blu-ray 4K

I am not sure if fans of the original Star Wars trilogy are also fans of the prequel, let alone the Disney-era sequels. If you are, you will be glad that you could soon own all 9 films that miraculously turned into a Skywalker story.

A Man’s Love For VHS Tapes Led Him To Convert His Basement Into An 80s Video Rental Store

Feeling nostalgic about the 80s? Well, however nostalgia you are about the 80s, I pretty sure it wouldn’t be half as strong as this unnamed man who had converted his home’s basement into an 80s video rental store.

There Is Going To Be A Playmobil: The Movie And It Stars The Porsche Mission E

There are two things you need to know today. There’s going to be a Playmobil movie and in it, secret agent Rex Dasher drives a white Porsche Mission E – the German automaker’s concept car leading to the first all-electric Porsche, the Taycan. You heard that right. There’s going to be a Playmobil movie. Like, […]

Reboot Hellboy Trailer Hinted Gore-fest, But…

This is it, folks. The trailer for the Hellboy reboot is finally here. The R-rated reboot Hellboy’s first trailer posted by Lionsgate today hinted a gore-fest (but probably not the gore-fest you thought it would be… just saying), but honestly, the trailer is kind of meh.

Monkey King Dons Iron Man-style Suit In This Latest Movie Adaptation

It is not even midweek, but I think I may have seen enough for the week – thanks to this Chinese Iron Man-style movie called Armored Warfare God: Sun Wukong. The star hero here is Sun Wukong, otherwise known as Monkey King, and the story is an adaption, or more correctly put, loosely based on […]

Watch The New PUBG Short Film Directed By Jordan Vogt-Roberts

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, AKA PUBG, for PS4 announced last month is officially available today, December 7, 2018. To mark this occasion, PUBG has called upon director of Kong: Skull Island and upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, to make short film which it calls PUBG Official Playstation 4 Launch – Pan-demonium Trailer.

Oscar Is Modular, Lab-created ‘Human’ And We Are Glad It Isn’t Real

Today we want to share a disturbing look into the future of biotechnology or as some would call it, bio-hack. However, before run away in fear (or disgust), you have to know that it isn’t real. And to be honest, we thank god it isn’t. Anyways, the thing we want to tell you about is […]

Batman As A Ninja Is Totally The Right Thing To Do

Ninja was a covert agent (but more like mercenary, really) in feudal Japan who have been depicted in numerous movies and TV series. On screens, ninja are often depicted as skilled, elusive, and stealthy force, who are often loaded with gadgets and does disappearing act. In some way, Batman is very similar to a ninja […]