Famed French designer Philippe Starck is in someway the Tony Stark of the design world. The design extraordinaire, who is behind many iconic designs, does not shy away from leveraging on technology. From using Artificial Intelligence to design chairs to exploring high-tech materials to create rain-proof furniture that looks like indoor furniture, the man explores it all.

The SPHERE is the latest innovation to come out of Starck’s eyewear division, Starck Biotech Paris (previously, Starck Eyes) which has been part of eyewear juggernaut, Luxottica, since 2013.

Starck Eyewear with Screw-less Hinge

Do not mistake the SPHERE for Biolink, the screw-less hinged modeled after the human clavicle that affords full 360-degree movement. The SPHERE is a new kind of screw-less hinge that is quite literal to the name.

It is a sphere, well, almost. It looks like two rivets stuck together with a space in-between. Anywho… like Biolink, SPHERE hinge has no screws or joints, and provides a unique, multi-directional freedom of movement.

Starck Eyewear with Screw-less Hinge

This allows Starck Biotech Paris collection to create a range of ultra-lightweight frames that are further bolstered by slim titanium temples and injected frame fronts made with Gravity Evo high-tech polymer.

The Spring 2020 SPHERE collection (yes, it’s real!) includes 5 glasses and sunglasses models with each model presented in an exclusive case covered in an eco-friendly material that contains 50 percent apple fiber derivatives. There’s an intro video of the SPHERE if anyone’s interested posted HERE.

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Images: Philippe Starck.

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