Ray Studio Turn Phone Into a Mech

While Ray Studio is a gunpla model builder, his latest creation isn’t quite a gunpla. His latest work was a scratch built mech model made entirely out of a IQOO 5G phone from Chinese handset maker, Vivo.

Here I am, can’t even afford a new mid-range phone, and there he was, tearing down a good working phone and turn it into a magnificent sculpture.

According to the video, it implies that the mech model was made entirely out of the phone and the accompanying earbuds. I know. I find it hard to believe a model this complete could have been made with nothing but components of a smartphone.

Ray Studio Turn Phone Into a Mech

Upon closer observation. Ray might have used a bit of other materials, like may an extra pair of earbuds and at least insulated cable. Nevertheless, it was an impressive work of art that could have only be the work of Ray Studio.

As for the mech, Ray did not specify what kind, but I am guessing it is Transformers inspired as it was revealed later in the video that Ray was actually going to unbox the IQOO 3 5G Transformers Edition handset. Ray Studio did not say if the video is sponsored. Whatever it is, we are digging the build.

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Images: YouTube (RAY STUDIO).