Vespa 98 Electric Concept by Mightyseed

Of late, I try to abstain from posting about concept design, but man, this Vespa 98 Electric Concept by Mightyseed Designs is too good to give it a pass. True Vespa fans will immediately recognize the silhouette of the original Vespa on this concept design. We are referring to the the Vespa from the 40s.

The one still has the headlight mounted on its front mudguard. So nostalgic and yet so futuristic. Mightyseed Designs’ interpretation stays true the original design while rocking decidedly futuristic designs.

Vespa 98 Electric Concept is powered by a hub motor, paired to a modest 30 Ah lithium-ion battery packed inside the belly of the vehicle. Keen observers will duly noted that it has no side mirrors. No. It does not have them. Instead, it has LIDAR over at the rear that will alert rider of what’s behind him or her. Now, that’s futuristic (though not necessary practical, if I may add).

Vespa 98 Electric Concept by Mightyseed is a beautiful concept, but it being a concept not by Piaggio means it will most likely remain as a digital vehicle.

Images: Mightyseed Designs.

Source: designboom.