the risk of having a punctured tires on a bicycle is as much as any tire-running vehicles, but like motorcycles (excluding the vintage Vespa, naturally), cyclist don’t have the luxury of spare wheel and tire, and if anything, switching out tire, especially the rear one, is not as easy as an automobile. but not all hope of lost, because there is a gadget called patchnride that, as the product name suggests, lets you patch up the puncture on your pedal-powered ride while on the road. with patchnride, you will save yourself the hassle of pushing your bike to the nearest workshop, if there’s even any to be begin with. by mending the tire, you are extending the lifespan of the tire tube that would otherwise be switched out and dispose to the landfill.

Patchnride Permanent Tire Repair System

patchnride is engineered to mend the puncture from the inside so that mended leaks and holes won’t give way as you start putting them through their paces. the contraption comprises of the patchnride tool (we like to call it the ‘applicator’) and reusable cartridges known as patch pods. the patch pod is where you will find the patch for the tire. the repair process is quite simple. first locate the puncture, insert the patchnride into it, pull the slider to load the patch and hit the start button to release the adhesive. once done, your patchnride is hot and ready to seal up the hole. next, push the slider forward to insert the patch into the tire, remove patchnride, and press down on the repair to set the adhesive. basically, that’s all there is to it. just add air and you are good to go.

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Patchnride Permanent Tire Repair System

the real kicker here is, you will be doing the repair with the wheel and tire still on the bike, which means no messing with the derailleur and getting yourself all greasy and sweaty. the patch pods are available in two variations: road patch pod suitable for clincher, tubular and triathlon bikes, and mountain patch pod for mountain bikes, cruisers and running strollers. the patchnride Permanent Tire Repair System is slated to hit the stores this Fall, but you can pre-order now to take advantage of the $25 promotional price. each patchnride includes the patchnride tool, two patch pods and two leak detectors. go past the fold for a product video to learn more.

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