SnapCell is proud to announce the launch of its innovative 360-degree spin display, Snap360. Due to the unprecedented emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies in every industry have had to adapt to social distancing measures.

Understanding that automotive dealerships were losing valuable trade due to restrictions on visits, Snap360 will now allow them to bring the showrooms straight to their target audience’s devices.

Snap360 Features

SnapCell provides reliable automotive video tools that have been designed to help dealerships to connect with their customers and generate more sales, and the Snap360 feature is no exception.

The 360-degree spin display enables dealerships to highlight key features of a vehicle’s exterior and interior on their website or vehicle display pages (VDPs). Once they have created and incorporated the spin displays, their customers can virtually check the engine bay, review the quality of the wheels, and go inside a car from their device.

The flexible solution also features zoom and pan options, allowing a prospective customer to review the quality of a vehicle on their smartphone, desktop, or tablet computer.

The new SnapCell tool can help car dealerships across the US to embrace a stronger automotive digital retail experience, as they can create a virtual showroom to increase the likelihood of a customer buying a vehicle.

The 360-degree spin displays are an ideal way for dealerships of all sizes to encourage trust in both their vehicles and brand. What’s more, the 360 walkthroughs can be created by a dealer on an iPhone, Android, or a sophisticated 360 camera, and can be produced in as little as seven minutes per vehicle.

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Dealerships will also be happy to learn that Snap360 is compatible with every leading VDP software provider. While the implementation is easy on a website of VDP, SnapCell’s friendly team can answer questions and provide support to simplify the process.

Informed Decisions

While many car shoppers traditionally visited a showroom to buy a new or used vehicle, many dealerships are turning to e-commerce to generate sales and to continue to provide essential services to their customers. It is, therefore, imperative for dealerships to embrace various technologies that will help their customers to make more informed decisions when browsing vehicles online.

The unique technology can help dealers to increase website purchases, as customers can make more informed decisions on a make and model. According to a 2019 Consumer Study, 61% of online users turn to video or interactive content during the buying process. Plus, 85% of people who engaged with this type of content were more likely to make a purchase.

As customers can view a vehicle from every angle on their device, and utilize the zoom and pan features, they will feel as if they are standing in the middle of a dealership showroom. It’s perfect for those who want to learn more about the quality of the engine or want to imagine sitting behind the wheel of the desired vehicle.

About SnapCell

SnapCell’s mission is to provide its customers with simple and reliable automotive video tools, which can increase brand engagement, generate greater trust, and help companies to build a rapport with their customers.

If you would like to learn more about Snap360, contact SnapCell to learn more about the solution.