Microsoft And Stranger Things Teamed Up For 80s-inspired App, ‘Camp’ And Sweepstakes

OK. It is kind of late now that Stranger Things 3 is already up, but here it is, the details on what Microsoft have teased last week. In case you missed it, the Redmond software giant had posted a mysterious announcement on an “all-new Windows 1.0” and today, we learned what it was all about. […]

Meet Vivaldi 2.5, The World’s First Razer Chroma Integrated Web Browser

Razer Chroma is a sweeping phenomena that has reaches beyond Razer Chroma-enabled devices. It is on headphone stand, drinking mug and even skateboards and electric cars, and now, this psychedelic light show originally intended as a more immersive gaming experience has arrived to web browser too. Non mainstream and little known web browser company Vivaldi […]

5 Proven Strategies To Protect Customer Data With Employee Monitoring Software

As more and more organizations collect and store customer data of various kinds it is worrying that the number of data breach events are increasing. While some events are caused by external threats, a significant number stem from sources that are closer to home.

DJI Terra For Phantom 4 Can Recreate Scenarios In Highly Detailed 3D Models

This is DJI Terra. It is NOT a drone. It is an enterprise solution, a software, that will expands your DJI drone’s capabilities. DJI Terra is an Artificial Intelligence-powered system that is developed to help you digitize the world around you using the Phantom 4 Series drones. Armed with sophisticated mapping technology, Terra captures, analyzes […]

3 Simple Steps To Capture Better Quality Screen Recording Videos

Do you want to record polished and professional-looking videos directly from your screen? If you do it is important that you optimize your recording and make sure that the footage you capture has excellent quality. While there are several factors that can affect the quality of screen recording videos, you can improve yours by leaps […]

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge Internet Browser Is Coming To Mac

When it comes to Internet Browser, we are not lacking of options, but in case you do find yourself running out of options when on macOS, here’s one to look out for in 2019. It’s from Microsoft and it is called Edge. No. Edge is not a rebranded the defunct Internet Explorer. It is a […]

Using Movavi Photo Editor: What You Need To Know

The Movavi Photo Editor is a proof that there is a lot of room for a pro-grade image editing software that can deliver exceptional results. The Movavi Photo Editor is one of the top image editors used today because it allows users to edit photos on the fly. For those of you who are still […]

Google Lens Now Integrated Into Native Camera App In Several Devices

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Whatever questions you have, the Internet most likely have the answers. Or is it? What if sometime you find it hard to describe in words what you trying search? Well, this is where Google Lens aims to help. First introduced last year in Google Photos and the Assistant, Lens […]

With This Data Recovery Software For Windows, Nothing Is Not Recoverable

I am sure everyone has, one point in time, accidentally purged files that you want. Accidentally deleting data is not the worst; the worst part is when you only found out the lost months later and by then, you could have already reformatted your computer. I have had this experience with very important files and […]