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Capturing Different Videos To Watch Later With Movavi Screen Capture Studio For Mac

When you come across a video on your Mac that you’d like to watch later, you may look for a way to save it. In some cases that may be possible, but for many online streaming videos, TV shows and other types of content – it is not. However there is a relatively easy way around this problem: Capture the videos you want to watch later directly from your screen and then save them. Continue reading Capturing Different Videos To Watch Later With Movavi Screen Capture Studio For Mac

Simple Method of Cleaning A Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner [Review]

Were you aware that when your Mac’s hard drive starts to get too full it could affect the performance of your Mac as a whole – aside from also leaving you with no space to store new files? That is part of the reason why it is so important to clean your Mac regularly, so that your hard drive doesn’t start to fill up with unnecessary files. The only problem with cleaning a Mac is that it can be a tedious and time-consuming process. As you can well imagine trying to locate and delete unnecessary files manually is an arduous task, and often you may find that you aren’t sure which files are safe to delete and which ones aren’t. Continue reading Simple Method of Cleaning A Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner [Review]

Chrome Apps For Mac

Mac users who fancy working off the web will be glad to know that Google is making Chrome Apps available to Mac computers. this means you will be able to run any of the desktop applications that are available on the Chrome Web Store (under the “For your desktop” section) on your Mac. but that’s not yet the neatest part of the news; the coolest part is the Chrome App launcher for Mac, which will displays the Chrome Apps that you have downloaded on your Mac, access through a familiar icon at your Mac OS’s dock. we can’t speak for the rest, but for us, the idea of the Chrome App Launcher definitely is the best idea to happen to Chrome, because now that the access to your downloaded apps would be a breeze. this in turn will definitely encourage usage of the apps. Continue reading Chrome Apps For Mac

turn your iSight into a security camera with Witness App

Witness App 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Witness video) Witness App for Mac | US$39.00 | www.witnessapp.com

with an annual turnover of US$3.1 billion for the burgling industry, you can’t be too lax when it comes to home property protection, isn’t it? if you own an iSight-equipped Mac and it’s sitting at home doing nothing while you are away. why not make it perform some security duty? Witness is a Mac app that will turn your iSight into a motion-activated security camera. in the event of an intrusion, the Witness immediately sends an alert to your iOS device along with the intruder’s mugshots and video. the Witness is available for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher for $39.

a free app, Witness Remote, also allows you to remotely arm or disarm your Witness on your home Mac. user can also access the witnessapp.com website to stay on top of the happenings in your home, office or dorm room. i have one concern though. when iSight is activated, a tiny green light will appear next to your iSight. in that case, any burglar who has knowledge of newer Mac would notice it, don’t they? well, it’s just a thought.

Orbicule via CrunchGear