Dubler 2 Voice to MIDI Controller Lets You Write Music At The Speed Of Your Thought

Ever had a new tune in your head that you just can’t or don’t know how to translate with music instruments? If you do, then you’ll be glad to know there is a technology that will take care of that.

Windows 11 And 5G: What To Consider When Upgrading Your Hardware

Technology is constantly being improved upon itself to fit the evolving tastes and demands of the consumer market. This trend has been occurring throughout history and stems in modern culture with the development of the personal computer. Since then, wireless and mobile networks have been created, allowing us to use digital devices to transfer information …

Someone Put A Clone Flappy Bird Game Inside macOS Big Sur’s Notification

With the new macOS, Big Sur, it came with a new UserNotificationsUI framework, which I absolutely have no idea what it does. But now I think I do. One of the things it can do is, having an entire game on the push notification. Apparently, its doable.

How To Play Hidden Game In Chrome, Edge And Firebox Web Browsers

Do you know, Easter egg exists in some popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge? Well, they do. In the aforementioned web browsers, there exists a hidden game which can play to kill time even when the Internet is down.

Using Project Management Software For Team Success

Project managers have a difficult job, and it is made harder by the fact that most projects fail. They may fail to accomplish the desired objective or have outcomes that simply aren’t good enough. Others go over budget or take too long, and they are thus considered a failure. Let’s look at the hard data …

The Advantages Of Using Web-based SMS Marketing Platforms

Mobile service providers are now making their mobile apps available over the Internet to help businesses reach out to their target audience. Web-based SMS marketing platforms provide a great way for companies to advertise their products and services. These applications can be accessed through an internet connection, whether you are in the office or on …

7 Types of eLearning Methods For Corporate Training

Did you know that there isn’t just one type of elearning or electronic educational content delivery? Here are the 7 types of eLearning methods that can be used for corporate training. We’ll also explain the pros and cons for each method when you’re delivering corporate training.

Someone Remastered Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up Music Video In 4K

I was just experimenting on the trial version of the Video Enhance AI by Topaz Labs yesterday and then I saw this: Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up music video remastered into 4K 60 fps. Glorious.