Calm Wants Peter Cullen To Coax Your Kids To Sleep With Transformers Bedtime Story

Calm, the popular app for meditation/relaxing/sleep, has teamed up with Hasbro to bring Transformers to its app. How? By letting the gentle and yet assuring tones of the leader of the Autobots tell your kids (or you) the History of the Transformers.

Building Your Own Dating App: Everything You Need To Know

Dating apps are a gold mine for developers. Facebook arguably took off for exactly that reason, since it let you see someone’s photo and learn about them before you went out with them. There’s plenty of room for new apps, since people tend to prefer new apps with a different membership than those that have …

Best Apps For Couples In 2021

Apps are everywhere in 2021, with new titles being made available for download to your favorite smart device every day. They are proving to be especially popular amongst the singles community, as having access to a diverse pool of talent, 24/7, simply tapping into your handheld device, has become one of the most popular leisure …

Animendations Is An Anime Recommendation App Made By Anime Fans For Anime Fans

Whether you are an anime veteran or a person who is just getting into the wonderful world of anime, you may want to know about an upcoming anime-focused mobile app. Called Animendations, an obvious portmanteau of ‘anime’ and ‘recommendations’, it is a mobile application that aim to help anime enthusiasts to discover new content.

A Tesla Dating App For Tesla EV Owners May Be Coming Your Way

Believe it or not, there’s a Tesla Dating app exclusively for Tesla electric vehicle owners, or at least there may be one. OK. That’s half true. I mean the site is real, for sure, but it started out as a parody site. But, but, it may very well become a thing if there’s enough, you …

Critterpedia Mobile App: Identifying A Snake Or Spider Is Just A Photo Away

The fear of the unknown results in us freaking our when we encounter creepy crawlies. Some of the creepy crawlies’ reputation does not help either. But fear not because, Critterpedia is here to help, soon.

Someone Saved The Content Of 50,000 NSFW Tumblr Blogs From Being Wiped

When micro blogging and social media platform Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo! Inc., the search giant promised status quo. And status quo it did maintain (well, kind of), but when Verizon Media picked it up in 2017, it changed. Specifically, it changed in 2018 when Tumblr made an akin to end of the world, shocking …