we can easily see three big things in the world tech lifestyle: wireless, 3D and augmented reality. featured here is a video project...

Go For It 544x308px
(credit: screenshot from Go For It / Dating 3.0 video)

featured here is a video project created by two students, mashing (mobile) augmented reality and dating together. the mobile application, called Go For It in the video is a fake (aka non-existence) app that let user snoop out brief info on ladies on the street. don’t laugh. this might be what the future of dating will be like. check out this cool video after the jump. of course, this would also raise concern about privacy and misuse (for whatever a crook-minded person can think of) but it is however a cool concept video. isn’t it nice to know that the potential lady that you want to hook up is a man-eater? avoid or not is entirely up to you. then again, this is, at this point in time, still a fantasy. enjoy the video!
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YouTube video via Design You Trust