Critterpedia Critter Identification Mobile App

The fear of the unknown results in us freaking our when we encounter creepy crawlies. Some of the creepy crawlies’ reputation does not help either. But fear not because, Critterpedia is here to help, soon.

Critterpedia is mobile app described as the “Shazam” (or Soundhound, if you like) of creepy crawlies that identify snakes and spiders, simply by taking a photo of it.

Critterpedia Critter Identification Mobile App

Leveraging on machine learning engine for automated species identification, the app let in you on the species, learn which species are potentially dangerous and the precautions you can take to minimize the risk when you run into one – which is probably there already if you are taking a photo of it.

That brings us an important feature of the app: emergency services. In the unfortunate event you are bitten by something venomous, Emergency services of Critterpedia will, presumably, advise you the next course of action. Hopefully, direct number to call for help. Hopefully. Details are lacking in this aspect.

There are more features coming to the app, including augmented reality, virtual reality, as well as alerts. There is also a community that lets you connect and share your sightings with a community of like-minded people.

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Critterpedia Critter Identification Mobile App

As you may have already guessed, Critterpedia is born out of Australia. Like, where else on Earth can you find more dangerous species of snakes and spiders, right?

It is an Australian Wildlife Safety, Awareness and Education Hub that aims to change the way we see these dangerous creatures that share this little blue marble with us.

Let it be reminded that Critterpedia’s photo taking feature is NOT for you to take a self with a Mulga snake. Critterpedia will launch. However, it is not clear when exactly. In the meantime, you can learn more HERE.

Images: Critterpedia.

Source: designboom.