LEGO 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

LEGO just offered me a glimmer of hope. The Danish toy maker has announced a re-release of the 10030 Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer which yours truly once own (but had to let go because unforeseen circumstances). So, why “a glimmer of hope” for me? Well, it gives me hope that the LEGO 10221 USC Super Star Destroyer will be re-released too. Keeping my fingers crossed!

LEGO 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

Anywho… the LEGO 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer, as the new iteration is referred to as, is presented with a cool 4,784 pieces and touts a built size that stretches 43 inches long, 26 inches wide and stands 14 inches tall (or 17 inches with stand) (110 x 66 x 37 centimeters). Not sure about the size as compared to the original release, but I do recall the 10030 was over a meter long and suffers from serious integrity issue.

The 10030’s front end, over time, tend to droop enough to be noticeable (due to front’s weight). It was not a pretty sight, especially if you are as OCD as me. Back then, I wrote to LEGO to highlight the issue and at the same time, requested for extra parts to build a third stand to alleviate this issue to which they gladly obliged.

However, looking at the significantly more elements the 75252 possesses, a whopping 4,784 pieces over its predecessor’s 3,106 pieces, perhaps LEGO has beefed up the integrity alongside with new details? One thing I can confirm is, the new UCS ISD has a redesigned stand which may be a start to not repeating the same problem.

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Like the original, it will be accompanied by a to scale, miniature brick-built Tantive IV which you can attached to the side of the ISD to get sense of the scale. Key details are as follows:

• Includes Imperial Officer and Imperial Crew member minifigures.
• The Devastator Imperial Star Destroyer model features swiveling guns, a tilting radar dish, huge engine exhausts and intricate surface detailing.
• Also includes an attachable, buildable scale version Tantive IV starship for added Star Wars: A New Hope authenticity.
• With a display stand with informational fact plaque for the ultimate display piece.
• Also comes with 2 blaster pistol weapons.
• This Ultimate Collector Series set has 4,784 pieces.
• Inspire unforgettable Star Wars: A New Hope moments.
• The perfect LEGO® Star Wars™ collectible for fans of the Star Wars saga.
• UCS model on display stand measures over 17” (44cm) high, 43” (110cm) long and 26” (66cm) wide, and over 14” (37cm) high without stand.

LEGO 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer will hit the shelves starting October 01, 2019, but prior to that, LEGO VIP will be able to get their hands on it earlier on September 18, 2019. As exciting as the news of a new version of the ISD is, it is going to make a serious dent on your wallet because, it will cost you a wallet-numbing $699.99. Wait a minute there… I don’t recall the original to be this expensive.

Images: LEGO.

Source: FBTB.