Sony was the undisputed kind of personal cassette tape player which it trademarked as “Walkman.” Walkman was pretty much synonymous with personal audio player and so it is only right for the Japanese electronics giant to dish out a Walkman to mark the Walkman’s 40th anniversary.

Sony NW-A100TPS 40th Anniversary Walkman

Meet the Sony NW-A100TPS Walkman. Unfortunately, it is not what some nostalgic fans may have loved because, it does not even resemble the good old audio tape player (which was a good’ol hunk of metal or plastic) and even more devastatingly, it does not playback any cassette tape, let alone inserting one.

You do, however, get to digital graphic of a cassette tape and screensaver, a 40th anniversary logo printed on the rear panel, and it comes with a soft case that masquerade the device as the legendary TPS-L2 Walkman. TPS-L2 Walkman was, of course, the 1979 device that kick started the portable personal music enjoyment.

Sony NW-A100TPS 40th Anniversary Walkman

Beyond that, the features and specs are basically modern day digital music player standards like onboard storage (16 GB, in this instance), audio streaming via WiFi, a rechargeable battery good for up to 26 hours of use per charge, a 3.6-inch display and a headphone jack for those who prefer to relive the good’ol days of wired headphones.

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Already? Yes, already, but you don’t have to get wired up because, there’s Bluetooth connectivity for you to pair up with Bluetooth headphones.

Expect Sony NW-A100TPS Walkman to land in EU markets this November for €440 or £400 (around US$486-493). No words on U.S. availability, though.

All images courtesy of Sony UK.

Additional details via Engadget.

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