Kodak, a brand best known for its film in its heyday, is today, maker of almost anything photography-related including mobile photography. The company has announced a new line of Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories by its authorized brand licensee, Eye Caramba, at IFA in Berlin, Germany.

The lineup includes Kodak Smartphone 2-in-1 Lens Set, Kodak Smartphone 3-in-1 Lens Set, Kodak Smartphone Portrait Light, Kodak Smartphone Tripod, and Kodak Smartphone Photography Kit.

Details are as follow:

Kodak Smartphone 2-in-1 Lens Set ($29.99)

Kodak Smartphone 2-in-1 Lens Set

Includes a 100-degree ultra wide-angle lens, 1 15x macro lens and a clip on contraption for the lenses

Kodak Smartphone 3-in-1 Lens Set ($39.99)

Kodak Smartphone 3-in-1 Lens Set

It is everything the Kodak Smartphone 2-in-1 Lens Set plus a Fisheye lens.

Kodak Smartphone Portrait Light ($19.99)

Kodak Smartphone Portrait Light

Works with both front and rear camera to provide extra light whenever you need it.

Kodak Smartphone Tripod ($29.99)

Kodak Smartphone Tripod

It is a compact 8-inch tripod that supports both landscape and portrait shooting, and can be turned into a 10-inch handle with a firm grip for action shots. Includes a detachable Bluetooth remote shutter and a zipper travel case.

Kodak Smartphone Photography Kit ($69.99)

Kodak Smartphone Photography Kit

It is essentially a bundle of the above accessories.

The Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories will be available at leading consumer electronics resellers, as well as on Amazon starting in early October. In the meantime, if you are in and around Berlin, you can check out the Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories at Kodak booth #113 in Hall 3.2 at IFA Berlin.

Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories

All images courtesy of Kodak.

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