51,300-Piece World’s Largest Puzzle Is One Way To Kill Time During Quarantine

Puzzle is one of the best ways to kill time and time is, sadly, what many people have in this unprecedented time. Puzzle is actually a good break from binge watching Netflix and browsing lame coronavirus memes on Reddit.

Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories Marks Kodak’s Foray Into Mobile Photography

Kodak, a brand best known for its film in its heyday, is today, maker of almost anything photography-related including mobile photography. The company has announced a new line of Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories by its authorized brand licensee, Eye Caramba, at IFA in Berlin, Germany.

Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera And Smile Instant Digital Printer Goes On Sale

Kodak’s authorized brand licensee, C+A Global’s Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera and Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Printer announced earlier this year are now officially available. For someone who are not keen in printing anything, I am skeptical about the reception of such products. But who am I to judge? I am very likely […]

Kodak Mobile Film Scanner Is A $40 Cardboard Scanner For Digitizing Negatives And Slides

Devices that digitize 35 mm negatives and slides are not new, AKA film scanners. However, if you are in the market for one that is 1) super affordable and 2) has little to not plastic for sake of sustainability, well then, look no further than the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner. For starter, it costs just […]

A Host Of New Instant Print Products From Kodak And A 3D Printer

Kodak used to be a household name in photography, but since licensing out its brand, it has spawn a slew of other products to include instant photography, printer (3D printer included), scanner, and believe it or not even drone, audio, eyeglass lenses and lifestyle merch. Seriously, there are a bunch of other non-imaging related products, […]

We bet You Never Knew That Kodak Has A FPV Sport Drone

We bet most of you never knew Kodak has a drone under its portfolio too. Well, they sure do. The Kodak Riot 250R Pro Sport Drone is the said drone, sold through Thrust-UAV, a drone manufacturer that’s also an authorized Kodak brand licensee and a subsidiary of PCS Edventures!, a company that deals in K-12 […]

Believe It: This Beer Can Also Be Used To Process Kodak Super 8 Films

Usually, if someone ingested solutions of any kind used to process films, it is bad news. Whoever did that will be poisoned for sure. However, that won’t be the case with this particular ‘fluid’. Crafted by independent brewery, Dogfish Head, this new gose beer called SuperEIGHT is not just an alcoholic beverage with 5.3 percent […]

Kodak Printomatic Is A Photo Printer And A Digital Camera Rolled Into One

Somewhere between an instant camera and a regular digital camera lies the Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera. It is a new breed of camera that is kind of like an instant camera (of sort), but yet, it also stores captured images on a microSD card. It won’t spit out photos instantly like a Polaroid does; […]

Kodak’s New Smartphone Is Touted As A Photography-first Smartphone

At a glance, you’d forgiven to think that Kodak Ektra is the once-huge photography film maker’s newest digital camera. Well, it’s kind of is. Paying homage to the company’s 1941 camera of the same name, the smartphone reincarnation of the Ektra is modeled after the analog camera of the 40s and boasts, you guessed it, […]

Kodak’s New Gadget Is Actually A Super 8 Camera That Shoots On Film

Everyone era has the gadgets of its time and if you ask your father or grandfather, he will probably tell you Super 8 camera, first manufactured in 1965 by Kodak, was the gadget of their time. And as fate would have it, you probably would too. But you probably won’t go gaga over one made […]