Kodak Ektar H35 Film Camera by Reto

We heard analog photography can get really expensive these days because of the rising cost of films. That said, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get more out of a regular roll of film? Well, getting double the exposures is exactly what Kodak Ektar H35 Film Camera can do.

Kodak Ektar H35 Film Camera by Reto

The Kodak Ektar H35 is a half-frame camera which means a film roll with 36 exposures, for example, yields around 72 half-frame photos.

And you will want that because this pocket-size (4.3 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches/109 x 61 x 38 mm) and super lightweight (3.5 oz/99g) analog snapper beckons to be clicked all day long – even in low light, thanks to the built-in flash. The flash is turned on by adjusting the silver ring around the lens.

Half-frame is not just about film saving; it enables you to get creative with storytelling. Like, you know, how to tell a story through two consecutive frames:

Kodak Ektar H35 Film Camera by Reto

Other notables include manual wind and rewind, 1/100s fixed shuttle speed, and a two-element 22 mm optical-grade acrylic lens of f9.5 aperture. The camera is powered by one AAA cell (not included).

This back-to-basic, bang-for-your-(film) bucks camera is good for both season photographers as well as beginners. With limited controls and fixed focus, this camera is a literal point-and-shoot and one that bears a classic, retro aesthetic, if I may add.

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The Kodak Ektar H35 Film Camera is produced by Reto. It is available to order now in a choice of black, sage, sand, and brown, for a wallet-friendly US$49.99. Delivery is slated to happen in late July.

Images: Reto.

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