IKEA is more than a flat-pack furniture brand. In fact, that isn’t news anymore. The only question now is, “what’s next?” Well, next is this: the IKEA x Swedish House Mafia Record Player.


The record player by IKEA and Swedish House Mafia is part of the OBEGRÄNSAD collection that also includes an armchair and a desk. It was revealed at the IKEA Festival at the 2022 Milan Design Week today (June 9).

The IKEA OBEGRÄNSAD collection joins the recently announced IKEA x Swedish House Mafia FRAKTA Bags as part of the collaboration announced in 2019. No full image of the armchair was shared and therefore, we are not entirely sure what it looks like. However, this is the official description:

“The OBEGRÄNSAD armchair represents the perfect balance of form and function central to this collaboration. The minimalistic design creates a pure elegance, and the adjustable straps strengthen functionality allowing for finetuning the comfort level. The armchair showcases the part of the collection which supports creating a relaxing environment to enjoy your music experience in the home.”

While there is no full image of the OBEGRÄNSAD desk also, we understand that it is designed with music creators in mind. It features a pair of speaker stands to bring the speakers to the ear level and a pull-out shelf below the desk for a midi keyboard, for example.

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But the true star of this second collection from the collab between the Swedish furniture giant and the Swedish house music supergroup is no doubt the OBEGRÄNSAD record player (US$189.99).

As opposed to the current trend of making the record player as inconspicuous as possible by going thinner, IKEA designers and the Swedish House Mafia decided a turntable should be “a very physical manifestation of music.” In other words, bold.


The result is a marriage of square and circle that makes no apologies for its chunkiness. The turntable has a pre-amp built-in, runs from a single USB cable, has a replaceable cartridge and needle, and has a solid construction to absorb any vibrations there may be.

The OBEGRÄNSAD record player can be connected to standard wired speakers and it will also play well with IKEA ENEBY speakers.

The IKEA OBEGRÄNSAD record player will be launched globally in Fall 2022 along with the rest of the OBEGRÄNSAD collection.

[UPDATE February 22, 2023]: IKEA OBEGRÄNSAD Collection is available now. But you may want to act on them soon because many products are listed as “last chance to buy” which means soon they are going to be taken off the shelves.

All images courtesy of IKEA.

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