UK Photographer Creates The World’s Biggest, Smallest And Most Impractical Camera

First, we read about nature’s very own monster penguin that lived 30 million years ago and now we seeing another giant object, but this time, it ain’t nature’s doing. It was UK-based photographer Brendan Barry’s work of art: a giant-size fully functioning camera. What you see here is possibly the world’s biggest camera, appropriately called […]

Leica M10-P Is Super Quiet, Won’t Rouse Your Sleeping Subject

Are you bothered by the shutter noise of a camera? Or maybe in your line of work (I won’t ask, I promised), you require barely noticeable shutter noise? Well, if so and if you have the dough to drop, Leica has the answer and it is called M10-P. M10-P is the latest member of Leica […]

Instant Photography Goes Analog With Lomo’Instant Square Camera

Instant photography is a norm today, but the good’ol way of instant photography, AKA analog instant photography? Not so much. There aren’t many options out there, but thanks to Lomography, you are getting one more option and it is called The Lomo’Instant Square Camera. It is billed as the world’s first fully analog instant camera […]

These Intricately Folded Paper Classic Cameras Are Absolutely Awesome!

Believe it or not, what you are seeing at accurately represented nostalgia classic cameras folded from paper. Yep. Paper. Papers when in the hands of skilled artistic like Seoul-based Lee Jihee can be turned into wonderful masterpieces. Obviously, these camera sculptures may not look like the real deal, but the clever use of bright colors […]

If James Bond Lives in 1800s, This Pocket Watch Camera Would Probably Be His Spy-cam of Choice

Mankind desire for concealed camera is not new, but do you know, human race has been experimenting and making concealable camera as far as back as 1800s? That’s 19th century, which at that point, was almost 300 years since the invention of camera and an era where camera was still a rather clunky device. The […]